“Bačanin Goldsmiths” is the family owned business with four decades long experience in mining and metalworking. Located in Novi Sad, Serbia  company today has clients in major European and Middle Eastern cities. Primary “Bačanin Goldsmiths” services include gold and silver refining, precious metal trading, jewelry and investment gold/silver manufacturing.

“Bačanin Goldsmiths” jewelry is produced using a mix of traditional skills and modern, sustainable production methods. Before it lands on customers hand each jewelry piece evolves through various phases. Every piece is carefully followed from its birth in refining stage to final polish by the same goldsmith. On this complex journey each jewelry piece is treated as a unique work of art. We believe metal acquires some of the craftsman’s spirit along the way.

Traditional manufacturing process is the reason why every piece is unique much like every nature’s specie is special.

Jewelry has been examined and hallmarked by Serbian “Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals” member of International Association Of Assay Offices.

Each piece is fully guaranteed for highest quality and craftsmanship by “Bačanin Goldsmiths” workshop.